• Leather Holster Colt SAA

    Holster for 1873 Single Action Colts Colt SAA Uberti Pietta EMF Peacemakers


    Holster for 1873 Single Action Colts Colt SAA  Uberti Pietta EMF Peacemakers

    Right Hand Draw

    Designed after the Fast-Draw holster worn by Dee Woolem – the father of FAST DRAW competition!

    4 Time Winner National Fast Draw Championship. Does not have interior metal panels. 

    Can be adjusted for holster tilt with a simple adjustment screw on the back flap (see images).

    (Those three punched holes just above the tie down thong)

    Fits Single Action Colts Heritage Ruger Uberti Pietta Chiappa and other clones.

    Holster is new

    Hand Made in the good ol’ USA

    Made from 8-9 oz Veg Tan Leather

    Choose barrel length to suit

    Hammer safety loop

    Leg tie down

    Belt loop fits up to 3 inch belt

    Simple to maintain the finish – use Lexol or other leather conditioner.

    Hand stitched (saddle stitched)

    No Firearm Included

    No Belt Included

    Right Hand Draw

    Colt Hip Cowboy/Western Holster Hunting Gun Holsters


    COLT SAA, and all clones. 

    As Roy Rogers was to say:  “Happy Trails to You”

    0 out of 5