Pottery is the process of forming vessels and other objects with clay

Some Questions Answered

To sell your items on this site, you are required to pay a yearly subscription fee plus a percentage fee per sale. There are no other hidden sales or hosting fees. We do not charge listing fees. For security, all financial details go thru a Paypal payment gateway. The non-refundable yearly subscription fee of $100USD each seller pays when setting up their store is required in order to verify the seller’s identity, ensure Paypal account validity and to encourage honest transactions. This preventative measure will give buyers confidence that they are dealing with serious, honest sellers.

We invoice on a yearly bases for the subscription and vendor payouts are monthly

It’s important to note that our subscription fees are non-refundable. When you cancel your seller subscription, we acknowledge that you are no longer selling items. As such your store will be deleted with all it’s contents.

Unlike most other arts & craft ecommerce sites, ColumbiaRiverArts.com does not charge creators per quantity of a listing. For example, if you have a product page showcasing your knitted scarf, and you have 5 of them available for sale, feel free to list the “Availability” quantity as 5! We will not charge you any additional fees. You may also list any qualtity of items that you like and upload up to 8 images per product listing

Our application process includes a screening section, as such it does mean that some applicants will not be accepted. As well as amazing workmanship we also have a requirement for fabulous photos – because after all, selling online is all about being able to show off your work and this is why we are allowing up to 8 photos per item so you can really show it from all angles. If you are not accepted first time then please do feel free to work on the areas suggested to you and then reapply.

Our website is easy to navigate and your Sellers Dashboard is straight-forward to use. You will be able to easily manage your products, finances and order management.

We will be using 10% of your subscription fees for print advertising in the local newspapers as well as rack cards placed in local establishments. We plan to get the website in front of as many potential shoppers as we can. Of course we can’t make them buy anything, that is for you to have an enticing shop so that they browse and purchase!

As part of the application process you will submit 3 photos that show off your artwork. We will take this as your standard of photography and would expect your shop to have all items photographed to this level. Should photos in your shop fail to meet this level then we reserve the right to inform you so that you may remove it, or we will remove it for you. To uphold the ethos and standard that we desire for this artisan website this is very important. We would also ask that you do not use text on your photos to indicate your shop name. Each shop has its own url and shop front, so each item listed will link directly to your shop

You are able to customize your shop front to match your branding. We ask, however, that you keep it within the size guide indicated in the information documentation and that there is not excessive text.

In your shop you are able to set up direct links to your Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook groups.

We are committed to helping and supporting small local creative businesses. We do not allow shops selling items from 3rd parties.

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