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Selling on Columbia River Arts

Columbia River Arts is a per sale fee-based sales site. Members must have an approved application and have acknowledged our terms and conditions. This allows members to setup a personal shop page and sell their handmade products on the site. There is an administration fee of 20% per sale to support the site.

Benefits of a Columbia River Arts Shop:

  • Member shops can be customized with a store banner and logo
  • Listed items can be put in multiple product categories
  • Sales notification are via email
  • Customers can make purchases from multiple vendors through one checkout point
  • For buyer and seller security, payments for products are through PayPal¬†
  • All items are automatically added to the Google products search
  • Set up your own shop policies, shipping and profile pages
  • SEO (Search engine optimization) is handled automatically
  • Multiple images per listing increase your sales
  • Sales can be set for listed items
  • Twitter, Facebook and blog posts can be posted on your shop page
  • Members can share items on social media to build a following
  • There is no limit on the number of items that can be listed or sold in a shop
  • Coupons can be created that can be used for a shop-wide sale
  • All listed items are automatically shared to the major search engines

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